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Graphic Design Work For Monsters Fest!

Chad Barnard of CVB Media here, proud to show off our latest graphic design project for the upcoming 2021 Laurel Eye Monsters Festival! We love flexing the "Media" part of our name to tackle not only video projects, but posters, flyers, and business cards as well!

Nathan Sharp and Sharp Advertising have been a great client of ours for a few years now and these promotional posters and back-ticket designs are some of the coolest aesthetics I get to mess with as a designer.

Zug Art created the eye-catching artwork of the monsters and it was a no-brainer to feature that ROCKING scene front and center. The concert is this Summer and the physical posters are currently being put up all around the tri-county area. We hope they catch your (Laurel) eye!!! <-- couldn't resist that cheesy joke.

If interested in checking out this crazy-fun festival packed with exciting music and food, visit

For any graphic design ideas and inquiries, reach out to us here at CVB Media. We'd love to make you and your event look awesome too!

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