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Gary & Sons, Inc. Commercial Production!

I'm pumped to share this fun project - a 30 sec. television commercial for Gary & Sons, Inc. promoting their central cooling systems!

There are a lot of reasons why I'm excited and proud of this one. The first being the scripted, family-humor approach. We wanted to show that those Geico-style skit ads are absolutely do-able for local businesses. Instead of the typical voice over, generic footage and text info, we went full on acting and situational humor that we can all relate to. That's how you stand out!

From writing the script to casting the perfect family - A big round of applause and THANK YOU to the McGinley family by the way! - to production and onto postproduction editing, we at CVB Media truly stepped up our game with this one.

And what's even better! My own family and I were so inspired by this client experience that we took them up on their amazing cooling systems. Summer's coming - we all know it - so it's time to call Gary & Sons, inc. If you don't believe me, check out the commercial. I'm sure it'll convince you ;)

At CVB Media we specialize in professional video production in North Central PA and take pride in helping businesses and organizations step up their advertising with modern marketing that actually makes an impact. Do you have a commercial idea? Do you want your business on TV? CVB can make it happen!

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