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2020 Virtual DuBois Chamber Bash

If there's one thing this past year has shown, it's the importance and reliability of drive through windows... and online banking... oh yeah and VIDEO!

As in-person events are slowly beginning to pick up again, there's no denying that virtual events have held us over for awhile now. CVB Media has produced several over the past 12 months, the latest being the 2020 Virtual Chamber Bash for the DuBois Area Chamber of Commerce.

We co-produced this project with Joe Zappia of Zappia Multimedia, who captured the Stoltz community cup and the Jaycees' Distinguished Service Award segments. A real pro, his footage is clear and crisp and it was a good time meeting him through this project.

This virtual event was created for the DuBois Chamber, which CVB Media recently joined! When we joined, executive director Jodi August welcomed us with a challenge of a video project - how can we present our 2020 Business Bash awards without the traditional in-person ceremony?

Well... producing a high quality video and throwing it on the Facebook page!

With the teleprompter, professional lighting & audio, creative services, and postproduction graphics & editing, this project was right up CVB Media's alley. It was a great time co-producing this with Joe Zappia and am happy the ceremony has found a wider audience online than it would have in person.

Currently, the video has over 1,400 views on Facebook and Jodi August couldn't be more excited: "Typically we would only have 225 in attendance so this is a "win" for sure."

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