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CVB Full Court Presses With Penn Highlands and The DuBois Dream!

Chad Barnard here, owner of CVB Media - and I'm happy to share this exciting promotional video project recently completed for Penn Highlands Healthcare, in collaboration with the DuBois Dream!

I've always loved basketball so to pair it with video production, it was like a DREAM come true. Cheesy jokes aside, I had a great time working on this longer promotional video project, alongside my partner in production, Bill Mushrush. We utilized many assets at our disposal including: on location professional lighting, lapel microphones, teleprompter, stock video & music, and graphic design.

There are a lot of great shots we're proud of in this exciting campaign - and by "shot," I mean with a camera, with a basketball, and of course, the vaccine. GET THE SHOT!

For more information on promotional videography, learn more here!

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