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CVB Media is dedicated to opening up

affordable, modern marketing to

small & mid-sized

businesses in Central PA.

Advertise Where People Are Actually Watching


More and more of your clients and customers

are switching from cable to streaming.

They're watching their favorite shows

on their time.

Be there with an unskippable

professional commercial.

Impactful.   Local.   Affordable.                  Worth It.

1 of these:

Top-Of-The-Line Commercials

When advertising on platforms like Hulu, you don't want a standard, slapped-together commercial.

CVB Media SPECIALIZES in cinematic video production. Quality, creative spots that will elevate your message to the next level.


Not only will CVB Media produce an engaging commercial for you, but we also work with you to create the most effective ad campaign based on your budget and target audience.

Best Bang For Your Buck

For as little as $575/month you'll receive at least one fully produced commercial and a seat at the table to advertise on the fast-growing TV streaming platform.

How It Works

CVB Media will work with you to...

Determine your budget, goals, and target audience

Produce your 30 sec. commercial, like one of these...

Brookville Equipment 30 Second Commercial