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Remote Video Editing


Worth It 

Online video content has become the backbone of the way many individuals and businesses entertain, inform, and sell to viewers. This is because viewers prefer video over any other type of content, no matter where they are or what device they are on.


Now more than ever it's important to have a lasting, effective presence when they tune into your content. From YouTube videos to online courses to social media ads, if your videos aren't cool, fun, informative, engaging, or consistent - well then, there's always something else for them to scroll or click away to - so it's vital to step up your online videos in a convenient, affordable, and of course, impactful way! This is where we come in.

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  • We're ready to receive large RAW files (4k resolution and beyond) from a variety of file sharing methods. Dropbox, Google Drive, Mediafire, WeTranser, you name it!

  • With an understanding of copyright guidelines for every platform, we will sync your audio, video, and utilize original and licensed graphics, music, effects, and photos, in a responsible, worry-free way to really elevate your production.

  • We can edit your videos to fit across multiple platforms - YouTube, YouTube Shorts, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Roku, your own website - we know the guidelines, sizes, requirements, and audience for each distribution destination.

  • Custom Monthly Retainer Options allow you to focus on what you do best: filming and curating the content, while we are always on standby to handle the time-consuming video editing. Save money and receive regular, polished videos.

Video editing is super time consuming. Let us take it off your plate so you can focus more on creating the content and interacting with your growing audience.

  • Green screen / talking heads

  • Podcasts / interviews

  • Explainer videos

  • Gameplay / highlight videos

  • Narration-based video essays

  • Recipe videos

Online Courses

Improve the engagement of your course content by emphasizing the lessons through
high quality video edits.

  • Seminars / speeches

  • Audio / visual presentations

  • Live video conversions

  • Edited-down snippets / clips

  • Intro / outro graphics

  • Course promo videos

Remote Video Marketing

While you're busy with other things, we'll post effective video spots once or twice every week on your social media accounts.

Simple and worry-free marketing, all done remotely and remaining true to your message.

  • Complete, original social media content creation & deployment

  • Fully licensed stock videos, photos, music, graphics

  • Utilization of current photos & promotions

  • Weekly or bi-weekly uploads, focusing on your message.

  • Worry-free, eye-grabbing content produced regularly for your business.

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